Monday, January 22, 2018

Hairy Eyeball

Sweetie, taken in May 2016
She does a pretty good sneer!
I was allowed to sleep in yesterday.  The Hubby fed the voracious Manny and Chili Bruce, gave Angel her bowl, and put food out for The 'O' Cats.  When I awoke, he mentioned that Sweetie had not appeared when he set out breakfast.

When I put down fresh food bowls later that afternoon, The PO'M was there, but no Sweetie!  OH NOES!  In my zeal to make sure she was okay, I pulled The Cat Hotel out from under it's awning, in an effort to take a look inside.  If Sweetie was ill, I was going to find out!

As The Cat Hotel was about halfway out, Sweetie exploded out of it, and turned to me with such a look, that I can only describe it as the Hairy Eyeball, or Stink Eye!  The Hubby was watching too, and we laughed for a full five minutes, interpreting her expression as, "What the heck, human?  Can't a kitty get some sleep around here without you bothering us?"  Or something like that, with a few cuss words too.  If looks could kill, I'd be a dead woman!

I did not snap a photo of it, but Sweetie's look is imprinted on my brain forever.  She has appeared for every meal since, however!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thankful Thursday: Da Boyz

Rub-a-dub-dub, two cats in the tub...

The Hubby and I are simply in love with these two silly mancats!  Manny and Chili Bruce are a handful, and Angel fusses at them, and they walk across my body in the middle of the night, but they make us smile, make us play and act goofy, and are a breath of fresh, youthful, air through the house.

And...three cat pheromone diffusers were installed last night, and The Hubby is worried that I'm going to burn the house down with them!  Every cat spent a few minutes sniffing the air, which was entertainment in itself.

I've joined Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

What The ? Wednesday

I discovered this last night.  I presume that it's, um..."faucet cuffs" to prevent Manny and Chili Bruce from turning on the water, but I never asked The Hubby about it.  I think I'll just remain silent on this one.

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday's post.  A couple of you recommended "Cat vs Cat" by Pamela Johnson Bennett, and I'm pretty darn sure that I have a copy in my cat library, so I've got some reading to do this weekend! 

But not tonight; a new episode of "The X-Files" is on!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Getting Schooled

Don't remember when I picked up this book;
probably at a resale shop or garage sale!

I've only been able to skim this one

Anything by John Bradshaw is good!
Can you tell that I'm doing some research?  The cats are schooling us!

You see, Angel isn't enjoying her two brothers as much as we humans are.  I thought we'd tried the 'right stuff' to integrate them, but if they are unsupervised...and within paws length...growling, hissing and whappy paws ensues.  I feel that Manny and Chili Bruce would be happy to completely ignore Angel, but she instigates the battles. 

And here is another rub; everyone talks about introducing the resident cat to a new cat, or kitten, or dog.  We've got a multiple deal here!  Luckily, we are able to partition off the house into five zones, and move the cats around, so all get good exposure to the humans and the scent of the others.  But when they *SEE* each other, the fracas begins.  So, we have cardboard and newspaper taped up over the glass in our french doors, or have solid wood doors.

I have hormone diffusers on order; should arrive tomorrow.  The Hubby is going to put up a fuss over those, but since we close the cats off into separate areas, each area needs it's own diffuser.  Feeding them on opposite sides of a door appears to be a nothing-burger; they eat and it's no problem.  So...somehow...someway...someday...we want to turn the key in Angel's mind from intruder to no threat.  Am thinking about clicker training too.  Has anyone tried it before?  Please let me know in the comments!

Yes, they've only been here since 12/1/17, so it's only been six weeks.  Many of you have mentioned that months of transition can be expected, and to JUST HAVE PATIENCE. 

Disclaimer: The books shown here were purchased by me; did NOT receive one or any as a gift or as an inducement to talk them up for more sales.  While I know nothing of The Eckstein's, I have watched several television shows by both Jackson Galaxy and John Bradshaw, but I don't know them personally.  Wish I did!  But not with camera crews; our house is too messy for broadcasts!  Plus I'd have to lose about 75 pounds...